Data Communication Services Ltd
447-449 Manchester Road, Heaton Chapel, Stockport SK4 5DJ

Servicing and Repair
Open 9-5.30
Saturdays 9-1
: 0161 443 0800
: 0161 443 1336
: 07976 93 93 39

WE OFFER: 6 day a week Repair & Service Centre, and endeavor where possible, to give you a "while you wait" turnaround on your repairs using the latest 'state of the art' test equipment.

ALL AT A FIXED PRICE!    Our minimum Service charge is only £15.00 + Vat and includes the first half an hour of  labour at our workshops, the only other costs are materials and parts, if the cost of repair should prove uneconomical we will 'ring you before we proceed.

WE REPAIR MOST MAKES OF EQUIPMENT! Whether your equipment is Motorola, Phillips-Pye (Somoco), Tait, MAXON, Dymar, Storno, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Cleartone, Zycomm or a mixture of various manufacturers equipment, we have the facilities to service it.

WE CAN RE-PROGRAMME   most makes & models of 2-Way Radio Equipment. 

AND INEXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS!   For instance an annual maintenance contract inclusive of parts and labour on a 2-way mobile or hand portable is only £65 per annum - and you can cover a mixture of different manufacturers equipment on a maintenance contract with us.

INSTALLATION! Whether you want a customized installation of the latest Cellular Car-Kit or a straight-forward install of a 2 way radio, we are equipped to handle it, at our workshops or at your home/office [needless to say, we can always do a better custom job at our workshops with all it's facilities.]